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Best Power Dialers

A lot of companies swear by their power dialers, but too often the product is outdated or you aren’t getting enough bang for your buck. 

So for simple transparency, here is our list of best power dialers that are up to date and will give you more bang for your buck! 

Best Power Dialers of 2021

Without further ado, here is our lineup of the best auto dialer software in 2021:

  • EVS7 Power Dialer
  • Five9
  • RingCentral
  • Aircall
  • PhoneBurner
  • CloudTalk
  • JustCall
  • Mojo Dialer

EVS7 Auto Dialer

EVS7 - Power Dialer
EVS7’s power dialer is a simple and organized, yet highly innovative cloud-based software. Features like personalized voicemail drops, built-in CRM, custom campaign creation ability, and more are all available to the user. 

EVS7  Power Dialer: “Grow your sales by making 4 times as many calls! Stop dialing by hand today. No delays or dropped calls. Power dialer, click to call, and pre-recorded voicemail drops.  Manage teams, view reports, send emails and texts. Unlimited calling to the USA and Canada by EVS7.”


Five9 - Power Dialer
Five9 is one of the biggest companies in the industry and focuses on contact centers for enterprise size clients. They also offer power and predictive dialer options. They are also one of the most expensive options.

Five9: “Five9 is a leading provider of cloud contact center software. We are driven by a passion to transform contact centers into customer engagement centers of excellence, coupled with a deep understanding of the cost and complexity involved in running a contact center. Check out this video to learn more about how we can help you transform your business today.”


RingCentral- Power Dialer
RingCentral is well known for their VOIP and PBX services, but they also offer a power dialing system as well for outbound telemarketing.

RingCentral: “Engage Voice delivers effortless customer experiences and improved agent productivity for inbound, outbound and blended contact centers with native UC integrations on a flexible, open, reliable, cloud platform. Drive team productivity and customer engagement with effortless communication.”


Aircall - Power Dialer
AirCall’s power dialer works by selecting leads in a list from your current CRM and then it dials them automatically via a desktop app and allows you to make notes. One downside is that it does not have voicemail drop options.

AirCall: “Your cloud-based phone system within HubSpot.

Phone calls are still the best way to interact with your customers and prospects. Aircall is changing the game with our next-gen phone solution. By bringing together Aircall and HubSpot, we are making it easier for support and sales teams to manage their call flows.”


PhoneBurner - Power Dialer

PhoneBurner offers a single-line power dialer with built-in lead management.  In order to use PhoneBurner, agents must connect via their own phone lines (mobile or landline).  Because of this, the dialer is limited to outbound only without transfers.

PhoneBurner: “See how PhoneBurner helps reps engage with more contacts, in less time, with better results. In this video you’ll get an inside look at our comprehensive feature set, CRM, and dialer. Plus, watch a live dial session to see how PhoneBurner improves your outreach while saving you time, money, and hassle. Our system is trusted by thousands and fully customizable to your needs.”


CloudTalk - Power Dialer

At CloudTalk, you’ll get a basic sales-oriented outbound power dialer that can call internationally.  They also have other inbound and support call center products.

Cloudtalk: “We believe simplicity is the key to success. CloudTalk’s next-gen feature Power Dialer is designed to make more outbound calls automatically, so your reps have more time to focus on what’s important – closing deals.”


JustCall - Power Dialer
JustCall is an auto-dialer platform for predictive dialing. It’s designed to connect agents after the call is already answered. The downside of this is that there will be “telemarketer delays” and dropped calls.

JustCall: “JustCall is a cloud-based phone system for businesses to get phone numbers in 58 countries, make & receive phone calls from computer, web browser or desktop. All calls get logged and recorded. Along with telephony features, you also get a lot of tools like appointment scheduler, click to call button for your website, conference call hosting and more.”

Mojo Dialer

Mojo Dialer - Power Dialer
At Mojo, there’s a focus on the real estate industry and they also package leads with their dialers. They have a 3-line dialer along with a 1-line system as well. 

Mojo Dialer: “The Mojo Dialer from Mojo Selling Solutions is the only multi-line, copper-based power dialer in existence today. Our power dialer technology allows the Mojo Dialer to give ‘first hello’ pickups, crystal clear call quality, and most of all, a professional first impression not available from any other power dialer on the market!”

What is Auto Dialer Software?

An auto dialer is a type of software that automatically dials numbers off a list, which helps the telemarketer get through numbers quicker than they would if they had to dial each number. Once a call ends, or is dropped, the dialer will start calling the next number on the list. 

Who Uses Auto Dialer Software?

An auto dialer can be helpful to anyone making a lot of calls – telemarketers, surveyors, non profits, and more. 

Explore all the dialer options with EVS7.

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