Call Center Software Features with EVS7The quality of customer support plays a pivotal role in the growth of a business and strengthening its brand image in the market. Today, customers use multiple channels to share their feedback, reviews, and recommendations with fellow buyers, and even a single instance of a poor experience can ruin the image of the company, if it goes viral. It is, therefore, imperative that businesses take every customer interaction seriously and use every available opportunity to leave a positive impression on customers. The responsibility of providing outstanding customer support is even higher in an inbound process, giving birth to the need of a feature-rich call center software solution. The blog lists some essential features to seek, when looking for an inbound call center software. Let’s take a look.

Unified Interface

Customer service representatives need quick access to all the important data and records of the customer. The team should not waste a lot of time toggling between multiple applications to fetch customer information, payment history, purchase records and other important data. The call center software needs to have a single interface to provide quick access to the representative, as this increases accuracy and responsiveness.

Cloud Connectivity

Call centers have presence over multiple locations, which makes it essential to have a secure and stable hosting infrastructure for optimal performance. A customer will not be happy to hear that the representative is unable to retrieve account information because of a crashed system. The call center software needs to support cloud connectivity feature so that the representatives can fetch every bit of important data.

Mobile Accessibility

Customer service representatives, in maximum cases, are bound to call center, but should not overlook the importance of providing mobile access to the representatives for core business applications. Businesses are increasingly adopting mobile applications, and there’s a growth in bring-your-own-device trend (which is here to stay). If supervisors and managers have access to customer records, open tasks and other information on their mobile devices, it gets easier to manage the team and improve the quality of customer service remotely. The team is efficient to handle any emergency at any time of the day.

Other Features to Seek

Call Queue Management

If the call center software has features such as custom music, queue callback or queue to voicemail, it improves the call queue waiting experience of callers.

Disposition Codes and Notes

Software needs to provide representatives the flexibility to add call summary notes and disposition codes in the call log and CRM. This helps in retaining important customer information.

Internal Call Routing

Agent-to-agent calling feature improves internal team collaboration and promotes positive interactions between team members. It also expedites the problem-solving process, as the representative can call the technical support staff or another team member to get answers for a query while the customer is on line.

Last Few Words

A business needs to identify the areas where it lacks in providing a flawless customer service experience before investing in the call center software. If you have any questions regarding integration of outbound or inbound call center software, their features, or how they address the pain points of customer service representatives, feel free to get in touch with one of our product experts for a no-obligation consultation. You can reach us at 1.800.713.8353 and 1.972.713.6622. Alternatively, fill out our contact form and we will take it from there.

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