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Holiday Voicemail Greetings

The holiday season is closer than you think! Are you prepared? Don’t miss out on this opportunity to create festive holiday voicemails that will bring cheer and sales. 

What is a Good Voicemail Greeting?

A good voicemail greeting will be brief and professional, getting quickly to the point of the call. Each voicemail left for a prospect or customer should leave them with some incentive to call you back. The customer always wants to know ‘what’s in it for me?’ If you can answer that each time you leave a voicemail, it will promote the continuation of call-to-action. 

While you want your voicemail to be professional, you can also add a personal touch by saying the prospect’s name before dropping the pre-recorded voicemail. Voicemail drop software is incredibly helpful in adding personal touches while also quickly dropping the pre-recorded voicemail message so you can move on to the next call. 

What To Say in a Voicemail Greeting

Since we already know that the voicemail message must be brief to be effective, we need to know what information is pertinent to include. You only have a few seconds to grab their attention and you must try to keep it until the end. While every industry and campaign will look a little different, there are a few must haves that every voicemail should include: 

  • Who called them (agent name or company)
  • The purpose of the call 
  • Incentive for the call recipient to call back
  • How to call the agent or company back

Here is a helpful tip: research has shown that leaving some mystery to your voicemails inclines the call recipient to call back just to know that bit of information that was left out. For instance, the agent might mention the upcoming Black Friday sale, but not disclose the discounts or deals. There are many other tactics and phone answering skills like this that can be used to improve the response rate. But be sure to always include the points above, otherwise they won’t know the purpose of the call, who called them, or why/how to call back. 

Focus on How You Say It

It’s the holiday season and it should be evident in your voice. Think cheery and jolly! You aren’t Santa, but you can try to bring the same enthusiasm to your pre-recorded voicemail messages

Over the phone it can be incredibly hard to tell someone’s mood because you have no nonverbal cues. It shouldn’t be debatable whether or not you are being positive and helpful or simply reading the script. Since the call recipient has no other context clues by your body language or facial expressions, the way you speak needs to be extra enthusiastic. Another way to boost the spirit of the voicemail is by choosing your words carefully to promote the mood and tone you desire. 

9 Holiday Voicemail Greeting Examples

While it is the holiday season, not all of your customers will celebrate the same holidays. However, it can still be effective to create holiday voicemail greetings. The key here is to keep your voicemails somewhat general about the holidays. For instance, you could say ‘Happy holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Hanukkah”. By keeping the voicemail general, you can still wish them a happy season while being respectful of their beliefs or practices. Here are a few examples to reference: 

  1. Happy Holidays from [company name]! We will be out from [x date] to [x date]. On [x date] we will reopen and resume our normal business hours. Don’t miss out on our [x sale] in the meantime. If you are interested to learn more, please call us at [x number]. Thank you!
  1. Hello! This is [x name] with [x company name]. To celebrate the holidays we have [x promotion] going on until [x date]. I look forward to hearing back from you at [x number] and have a happy holiday! 
  1. Hello! Tis’ the season for great deals and sales. [x company] wants to let you know about our [x sale] going on from [x date] o [x date]. We would be glad to brighten your holiday season. Just give us a call back at [x number] and we would be happy to help. 
  1. Tis the season to be jolly and what better way than to enjoy a great sale? [x company] is having a [x sale] and it won’t last long. Call [x name] at [x number] to get more information. Happy holidays! 
  1. [x company] is feeling extra festive this year! To celebrate the holiday season we have a [x promotion] going on that you won’t want to miss. For your promotion code, call me at [x number] so we can spread the holiday cheer! 
  1. New year, new sale! To welcome in the new year [x company] is celebrating with [x promotion]. Say goodbye to [previous year] and say hello to [new year] with your [x product]. Call [x number] for more details. 
  1. Holiday greetings from [x company]. We wish you a happy holiday season and a happy new year! Check off that last box with our new [x solution], which is on sale until [x date]. Call [x number] for your exclusive deal!
  1. Happy holidays from our company to you! We are glad to serve you this holiday season with the best prices and deals around. Give us a call at [x number] to take advantage of these seasonal deals.
  1. The weather might be getting cold, but these deals are hot! [x company] doesn’t want you to miss out. Call us back at [x number] and ask for [x agent name]. I would be glad to help find you the best solution for your needs. Happy holidays! 

While these voicemails are geared toward the winter holidays, it’s not necessary to make ‘holiday specific’ voicemail scripts in the other seasons, although it can promote more sales if done right. Switching up your voicemail is effective and keeps the communication interesting and up-to-date, so try to be consistent about creating new voicemail scripts.

Making new voicemails does take a little extra effort, that’s why having time-saving solutions is beneficial. If you want to learn more, see how you can use a voicemail drop in the best way possible!

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