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VoIP Dialer Software: Leaving the Traditional PBX System Miles Behind

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology is not just about making cost-effective phone calls; it’s a tool that simplifies the way businesses conduct themselves. Unlike the traditional PBX systems, it allows combining voice, data and video as one, easy-to-manage service. It uses Internet data network to make calls to other phones wherein all conversations are

Using Call Center Scripting Software Effectively

Lights! Camera! Action! Many of you probably performed in a school play at one embarrassing moment in time or another. Whether you played Romeo, Juliet, the Hunchback of Notre Dame, or some other character, you certainly didn’t win the approval of your theater teacher by “winging it.” Oh, no, you worked very hard for those

IVR Call Center Software

  Who’s Talking? I once received a phone call from a local radio station. Yet, this was no ordinary call. It wasn’t a live disc jockey who I could chat with about the music I like. Rather, it was dialing software “who” phoned me. I knew the radio station was implementing something known as interactive

4 Ways Click-to-Dial Solutions Maximize Marketing Returns

Equipping your sales representatives with the tools that improve their efficiency plays a major role the success of your campaigns and organization. In fact, it is imperative for sales managers to identify all useful tools that can improve campaign performance. One such tool is click-to-dial software. The tool optimizes real-time lead generation and identifies potential

Call Center Analytics and Reporting
Call Center Analytics & Reporting

Numbers Don’t LieWhen it comes down to it, math is everything. From the amount of hairs on your head (zero, for some of you) to the speed of light, literally anything can be tallied, counted, or calculated if given enough effort and resources. Numbers make sense of obfuscations. They help us keep track of the

7 Tips to Optimize Sales using Automatic Dialers

The days of manual dialing are far behind us. In fact, all leading telemarketing agencies have been counting the benefits of automatic dialers to the bank, for over a decade now. The dialers assure telemarketing agencies more calls per day, better client management and better user experience, but that’s not all the benefits that are

Inbound Calling for Call Centers

Inbound RisingCall centers handling inbound calling take calls initiated by the customer and are usually either customer service or sales related. Depending on the type of company though, people call in for a variety of reasons including inbound sales, technical support, customer service, or simply returning a call from an agent’s outbound call.  In 2014, there were over

Using a Predictive Dialer System to Drive ROI: Know the Facts

The dynamism of tele-based companies has drastically changed. Tele-based companies, specifically call or contact centers, face new challenges and are constantly looking for new and efficient solutions to make their work easier. Tele-based companies may lose useful leads and fail to maximize ROI due to various complexities such as the inability to reach clients within

Understanding Role of Telemarketing Software in Lead Management

Telemarketing: Software UsedThe common reason for the failure of telemarketing calls is that they often sound impersonal. Unfortunately, the assistants, gatekeepers, or switchboard operators have to answer the calls and impose a negative impact about telemarketers. There are different ways to create a positive impression including the use of correct tools to achieve effective communication.

Features of Inside Sales Software
Top 10 Features of Inside Sales Software

If your business operates a call center or is into telemarketing, investing in a call center software can bring numerous advantages to your calling processes. Gone are the days when traditional call centers ruled the roost. A cloud-based call center solution is far better than any traditional option due to factors such as low initial