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Using a call center management software enables your agents engage with your customers more effectively. The best call center software are loaded with various helpful features and can help your callers maintain customer database and use the information to lend a personal touch to the conversation. That said, the success of even the best call center software in helping you target your prospects will depend heavily on the quality of your leads. That’s when a lead management program comes into the picture. A well-designed program aims at targeting prospects that have the potential to generate sales while ignoring the unproductive ones, therefore, enabling your agents save time and efforts. To help you out with the task of designing one we have created a five step lead management guide. Read on.

1. Define Your Lead

Using different criteria such as age, demographics and past purchases of the prospect can help you define  your lead. Learning vital information about the lead such as the time they spend on social media sites, their buying history and the position that they hold in their organization can help your agents prep better before they make a call. Additionally, using best call center software can help you delve deeper into the the lead’s persona as these systems connect to social networking sites and can help you know the likes and dislikes of the person and the products/services they’re looking for on company pages.

2. Identify the Leads That Qualify

Many individuals make a general enquiry about the products/services that are at offer, while there are others who’re genuinely interested in purchasing the product. You can distinguish between these two groups by determining their budget, their urgency and whether or not they have the authority to make the decision. Additionally, the best call center software give you the option to record data about the leads that don’t qualify. You can use this information for future reference and use the data to target them once you have a relevant offer for them.

3. Score Your Leads

Lead scoring must be an integral part of your lead management program and can help you target leads that are sales ready. Take into consideration different factors such as your lead’s job role, the amount of time they spent on your company’s webpage, their interest areas or any other criteria integral to your business. Assign a numerical value to each of these factors and rank your leads on the basis of total points they score. Use the data to define the leads that take priority.

4. Nurture Your Leads

In many cases, your agents won’t be able to turn leads into customers in their first interaction; however, that doesn’t mean the prospect doesn’t have potential. To target such leads, you need to develop a lead nurturing program that aims at increasing prospects’ awareness levels about your offerings. Repeated interactions with the lead enhances the chances of them getting back to you as soon as they have a need for the products/services you offer. Additionally, make sure your agents supply valuable information to leads that are in the decision- making stage and inform them at regular intervals about the promotional offers that you run.

5. Keep a Track of the Performance

Hold meetings between the inside sales team and the lead generation team to track the performance of the lead generation program. Conduct brainstorming sessions and invite inputs from team members to identify the areas that need improvement as well as discuss all the right things your teams are doing.

Last Few Words

A meticulously planned and executed lead management program can help you determine the buying behavior of your target audience, thereby, enabling you target them better. The best call center software come with a range of in-built features that can help you generate different reports and enable you plan these steps. Electronic Voice Services Inc. deals in a range of call center management software that cater to different needs of distinct business, big and small. Call us today at 1.800.713.8353/1.972.713.6622 or fill out the contact form and we’ll make sure someone from our sales team gets back in touch shortly.

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