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Telemarketing List Brokers

Telemarketing leads are leads collected and used for telemarketing. You can get them from telemarketing list brokers that provide telemarketing leads based on demographics and other factors. Being a telemarketer can be a tough business without the right sales leads, and that is why it is so important to ensure that you have quick and easy ways to ensure that you can reach your potential customers in the easiest way possible. We have put together the best telemarketing lists brokers, so that you can have an extra little help. Whether you’re an agent using a call center dialer or a manager using outbound call center software, you can find the consumer lists or business lists best suited to your needs. Some of them are more expensive than others, some of them have extras that others don’t, some have leads in certain business areas rather than others – but they are all here to offer you some great leads.


1. TelephoneLists.Biz

TelephoneLists.Biz has fantastic value for the leads in the USA and Canada – both consumer and business. They offer a Monthly Plan for $149 a month that allows 10,000 filtered lead downloads and complete 24 hour access to their data base. They also sell in bulk by state, Canadian Province or country starting at $239 each.

**Editor’s choice for best value**

Pricing: Targeted leads for $149 a month for 10,000 leads or bigger plans available.  You can purchase the entirety of the United States of America for $1995-$7495 and Canada for $995.

2. Cole Lists

Unlike those two websites, Cole Lists takes a little bit of a different direction when it comes to telemarketing lists. Instead of charging one price per month for unlimited access, Cole Lists takes the view that you should only pay for what you use. That means that for every record you choose to download, you use up a credit – and when you run out of credit, all you need to do is top up your account. The more records you download, the cheaper the credits end up being. They have an annual plan for unlimited leads, but it is restricted to specific areas.

Pricing: Prices start from $0.11 per record.

3. Hoovers

Hoover’s is one of the biggest names in the business. They only sell B2B leads. While they are quite a bit more expensive then most, they do have some emails and some very targeted information that may be useful for some companies.

4. InfoFree

One of the great reasons that you should think about using InfoFree is because of all of the extra help that they can give you in your telemarketing business. It can be difficult if you have a small team together with you, but InfoFree can offer you as part of their package a free Contract Manager that can offer you administrative support throughout your telemarketing process.

Pricing: Access to searches and views for their lists costs $79.95 a month – Downloads are Limited.

5. Go Leads

Go Leads offers a free search option for those thinking about whether or not you want to invest in their telemarketing list websites. You can also access their email marketing website database which contains thousands upon thousands of potential customers for you to access.

Pricing: There are three price plans. Basic, Plus, and Premium. Basic is $175 for four months, Plus is $395 for four months, and Premium is $995 for four months.

We hope that these websites will be able to push you into the right direction, and give you some brilliant leads to expand your customer base. Let us know if there are any great websites that you think we have missed, and tell us what your experiences of these websites have been. Disclaimer: is owned by EVS7. Are we biased? Sure, but the facts speak for themselves!

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