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Preview Dialer
6 Benefits of Using a Preview Dialer

You may have already heard of the preview dialer (better known as a power dialer) – but did you know that there are all of these amazing advantages to using a preview dialer?  It can work extremely efficiently for sales professionals or as outbound call center software.1. Say goodbye to dropped calls.With a preview dialer,...

Evs7 Accepts Bitcoin
EVS7 Becomes First Sales Software Company to Accept Bitcoin

ADDISON, Texas – Oct 16, 2014 – Electronic Voice Services, Inc. (EVS7), a multi-million dollar VoIP and lead management enterprise, has partnered with Coinbase to become the first sales CRM company to accept Bitcoin.  Sales professionals and call centers now have the option to use the digital currency as a payment method rather than simply...

EVS7 Girl
EVS7 Launches Website Redesign to Focus on Customer Experience

ADDISON, Texas – October 16, 2014 – Electronic Voice Services, Inc. (EVS7) launched a new website redesign to offer clients, readers, and prospects an elegant digital experience for computer, mobile, and tablet. “We want to deliver a premium experience for everyone viewing our website, no matter what device they prefer using,” Richard Hardgrave, President (EVS7),...