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How to View My Call Log

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How to View My Call Log List

The Call Log List¬†displays all the calls made by an agent by date and is located in the activity bar at the bottom of the agent screen. Note: This feature can only be accessed in Pause mode.   Step 1. Click on the Call Log List tab to expand the section. A table with the current date’s information will appear and the following information will appear for each call:
  • Date/time of call
  • Length of call in seconds
  • Disposition result
  • Phone number called
  • Full name of lead
  • Campaign agent received call from
  • Inbound or Outbound call received
  • ALT column indicates whether the call was a manual dial or if the number was the primary or alternate number of a lead
  • The option to dial the lead by clicking on the green phone” icon
You can also sort each column by ascending or descending order by clicking on the column header.   To view a different date, enter a date using the YYYY-MM-DD format or click on the arrows to the left of the date range field to scroll through different dates. Click GO. Call log information for the selected date will appear.   Step 2. Click the Call Log List tab again to close the section.