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How to Create an Email Template

How to Create an Email Template

A quick tutorial on creating a new email template and how to use variables to auto-fill specific fields from a calling file.

Step 1.

Go to admin and then choose email templates. Now click on add new templates to create a new template.

Step 2.

On this page, type in the title and the email subject for the new template.

Step 3.

Use the editor to create your email. Pull data from your .csv file with the insert variable tool. First, click on the small arrow (circled in red) to view the different fields. Next, use the blue append button which adds the code to your email. Lastly, click on submit to save the template.

Step 4.

Continue to the next step to see where to find the new template.

Step 5.

To view the email templates list select admin from the navigation bar. Click on email templates and then choose view templates.

You will find all of your templates on this page.