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How to Pull an Outbound Calling Report

How to Pull an Outbound Calling Report

Follow the steps below to pull and view an outbound calling report. This report is for previewing various outbound only data. View stats such as outbound calling, hangup reason, list ID, call status, and agent stats.

Step 1.

Go to reports from the dolphin navigation bar. Click on outbound calling from the drop down to move on to the next page.

Step 2.

In the search parameters section go to date range and click on the dates for more options. Choose from one of the date ranges or select a custom date range.

Step 3.

Select the campaign or list to pull a report on. The files you choose then move into the blank boxes on the right. Deselect a file by clicking the list or campaign in the blank box to the right. Click on submit once done.

Step 4.

Outbound calling stats show the calling details. Scroll down to view the various outbound calling totals such as the outbound calling stats, hangup reason, list ID, call status and finally the agent stats.