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How to Convert Audio Files

How to Convert Audio Files

We recommend uploading audio files to the Audio Store in 16bit Mono 8k PC WAV format. You can use any conversion software, however, the instructions below use to demonstrate how to convert to the correct file format.


Step 1. Click on to open website in a separate tab or window.


Step 2. Select Choose File to locate the file. Select the file and click Open.



Step 3. Go to the Optional settings section. Select 16 bit from the Change bit resolution drop down.


Step 4. Select 8000 Hz from the Change sampling rate drop down.



Step 5. Select mono from the Change audio channels drop down.


Step 6. Click Convert file. The downloaded file will appear in the downloads bar at the bottom of the page in your browser. Left click on the small arrow and select “Open” to play the file. Select “Show is folder” to see the file’s location.