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Introduction to Parrot


What is the Parrot Cloud Contact Center?

The Parrot Dialer and Cloud Call Center is a cloud-based software that offers a complete suite of tools for managing agents in a call center using just a web browser.  It includes a multitude of dialing options including ratio, preview, progressive, and adapt methods. Powered by VoIP, no phone line is needed since voice communication is entirely transmitted over the internet.  Parrot automatically screens out busy numbers, no answers, disconnected numbers, and answering machines (if you wish) to ensure your agents are productive. It then predicts when the next agent can answer a call. Multiple lines can be dialed simultaneously per agent using the power of the web.

Managers login to a web portal where they have the ability to build and create campaigns, upload lists, adjust and tweak settings, manage agents, and view and download reports. Agents log in from a website and can instantly start taking inbound or outbound calls from a chosen campaign.

What is a Parrot Manager?

A Parrot manager has the ability of creating campaigns, adding lists, uploading leads, modifying users as well as managing campaigns, ingroups, and other admin settings in the manager portal. They also have access to many calling and agent reports and have the ability to monitor, whisper, or barge in on agents.