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Types of Dial Methods

Types of Dial Methods

The dial method defines how the system will dial leads.

Ratio – Manager controls how many lines the system dials at a time per agent. Often used for cold leads or contacting as many leads as possible. In this mode, the agent hears a “bloop” sound indicating that someone on the other line has already picked up and said “hello.” Can be configured to receive inbound calls*.

Manual – Also called “click to call,” agents initiate the phone call by clicking the “dial next number” button so agent will have complete control when the lead is called. This method works best for warm or hot leads to ensure there are no dropped calls or delays. In this mode, the agent actually hears the phone ring and hears the lead answer the phone and say “hello” like a typical telephone call.

Inbound Man  – The same as manual mode with the ability to receive inbound calls*.

Progressive Power Dialing – System dials one line at a time automatically. There is no need for the agent to click “dial next number.” Note: This option can be enabled in Manual or Inbound_Man dial methods only.

*A “ding” sound will be heard for inbound calls.