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How to Add a System Status

How to Add a New System Status

System statuses show up in all campaigns. If you would like a status to only show up in one specific campaign, see How to Add a Campaign Specific Status.

Note: If you add a Campaign Specific Status, you can’t add the same Status ID to the another status.


Step 1. Login to your manager portal using your Admin credentials.


Step 2. Click on Admin, then System Statuses, then System Statuses again in the left menu.


Step 3. Scroll down to the Add New System Status section.


Step 4. Enter a Status ID which is a short name or abbreviation between 1-6 characters for your status. Enter a Status Description between 2-30 characters.


Step 5. Select Y or N for the following fields:

Selectable – Select Y if you would like the new disposition to show up in the agent interface.

Human Answer – Select Y if you would like this status to be included in human answered statuses for reporting purposes.

Sale – Select Y if you would like this status to be included as a sale type status for reporting purposes.

DNC – Select Y if you want leads to be put into the DNC list.

Customer Contact – Select Y if you want this status to be associated with a call where only the lead was spoken to–not a answering machine or relative of the lead. Used for reporting purposes.

Not Interested – If set to Y, the status will not be recalled but will not go into the DNC list.

Unworkable – Set to Y if you want the status to indicate that customer was not a good fit or does not meet requirements for service regardless if interested or not.

Callback – A callback disposition is already setup by default but select Y if you want the new disposition to pop up a calendar to add a date, time, and comments.

Completed – If set to Y, records the lead as “done” and there is no need to recall the lead. Completes statuses will not be recalled if the list is reset.


Step 6. Select a Category from the drop down if you would like to group this status into a category that was already created. The default is UNDEFINED.


Step 7. Click ADD. A confirmation message will appear at the top confirming the status was added. Scroll down to the Statuses Within This System to see the status added.

Note: If you create a status that is categorized as incomplete and you would like the system to redial after a list is reset, click on this link to learn how to add the disposition to the statuses to dial within a campaign: