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How to Add a Shift

How to Add a Shift

Shifts restrict agents within a certain User Group from logging in. Once a shift is created, it needs to be assigned to a User Group.


Step 1. Go to Admin, then Shifts, then Add a New Shift.


Step 2. Enter a Shift ID or short name for the shift between 2-20 alphanumeric characters.



Step 3. Enter a Shift Name between 2-50 alphanumeric characters.


Step 4. Select the Admin User Group from the drop down to allow users at the admin level to view and modify this shift.


Step 5. Enter the Shift Start Time and Shift End Time in military time. Do not use colons.


Step 6. Click on the Calculate Shift Length button. The Shift Length field will generate the length in hours and minutes.


Step 7. Select the Shift Weekdays checkbox to choose the day(s) of the week that this shift applies.


Step 8. Select Active to allow this shift to appear in reports that support this option.


Step 9. Click SUBMIT. A confirmation that the shift was created will appear at the top.

The shift is now ready to be assigned to a User Group.