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Getting Started with Inbound

Getting Started with Inbound

When you request a DID from EVS7, the following is setup by default on your server for each DID:

  • DID number added to server
  • In-Group created
  • DID assigned to in-group
  • In-Group assigned to campaign
  • Users assigned to in-group
  • Users configured to receive inbound calls

However, your desired settings may change or you may want to learn the ins and outs of inbound so we compiled a list for you to review to gain further understanding of how a basic inbound or blended campaign is setup.

  1. Create an In-Group Click hereHow to Create an In-Group
  2. Route a DID number to an In-Group Click hereHow to Route a DID Number to an In-Group
  3. Assign In-Group to a Campaign Click here: How to Assign an In-Group to a Campaign
  4. Assign Users to the In-GroupClick hereHow to Assign Users to an In-Group
  5. Configure Users to Receive Inbound CallsClick hereHow to Configure Users to Receive Inbound Calls